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Is your life driven by fear?

  Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash Do you ever feel intense fear and worry about your kids?  she asked.  "For most of my life, I was depressed and anxious about having an illness or being in an accident. "    "I fear to be alone."    "He cheated... Now I always have this feeling like he will do it again."    Are these thoughts familiar to you? Do you know how much of your life do you spend in fear or worry?  How many of your decisions and choices are - fear- driven?  Photo by Thibault Valjevac on Unsplash   Most people agree fear is an unavoidable part of human experience. But how much of fear is "normal" before it consumes your life. For some,...

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Are you grateful ALL the time?

This question comes up a lot in conversations. Often I am asked what LetSoul is about and here I will share "we bring gratitude awareness to the world around us."   The other person may be wowed or confused. 

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35 Years of Teaching and This is What She Shared

It was a super busy day in our ICU. Just as we were admitting a new patient, my colleague walked out and saw his wife. I heard her say, "Mrs. ....., you were my elementary school teacher. You have no idea how much you influenced my life. " Being witness to that experience reminded me once again of the impact teachers have on one's life. They inspire and sometimes may be the only ones who believe in you.  It takes a village to raise a child, and teachers are a significant part of the village.  For many teachers,  it is never about the paycheck.  It is about passion,  dedication and wanting to make a difference.   I reached out to one of the middle...

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Kids Nowadays: From Entitled To Grateful - Teens, Pat 4

In our last blog series, we covered the importance of gratitude and shared simple ways to bring gratitude awareness to your preschooler and school-age child.  Next stage is about the teens...  Feel like teens nowadays are synonymous with the entitlement?  And are you struggling how to bring gratitude awareness to your teen?  We hear you.  By no means, this is an easy task and if you feel as though it is a futile attempt, hang on for a minute longer with us.  Let us share four simple mindset shifts you may consider during this time.  What makes gratitude practice difficult in this age group?  Adolescence is a time of great transformation - teens are on their journey of figuring out who they are and...

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Kids Nowadays: From Entitled To Grateful - School Age, Part 3

Modern-day parenting has its own unique set of challenges and struggles. One of the most significant challenges is how to connect with your child (ren) in this high-tech world. We live in a digitalized, distracted, fast-paced society filled with distractions and lack of time. All of this impacts how we parent. Parenting is an experience which mandates mindfulness. Ultimately it is up    

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