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Are you grateful ALL the time?

June 10, 2019

Are you grateful ALL the time?

This question comes up a lot in conversations. Often I am asked what LetSoul is about and here I will share "we bring gratitude awareness to the world around us."
The other person may be wowed 😲 or confused 🤔. If confused I follow by giving more details about gratitude. For some, it is not an easy concept to understand as gratitude is not a tangible object or a thing. Gratitude awareness and practice is a mindset shift. Inevitably the question will follow "Are you grateful all the time?"
Here is the truth... NO. Being human is not about being frozen in a state or emotion all the time. You fluctuate from moment to moment - experience to experience. You cycle different emotions and feelings as a result of what you are experiencing. You may go through high vibes, to frustration, anger, pissed-off.  Or negative self-talk, doubt, shame, happiness, joy - in a different time.
That is the unique design of being human.
So where does gratitude come in?
I was in a conversation with two of my friends recently and we were talking about 3 things being grateful for. One of my friends said... "I have so much "bad" stuff going on... not sure I am grateful about any of it." The other one instantly responded, "Now, this is the perfect time to find something you are grateful for."
Think of gratitude as a tool to get yourself out of the "funk", stressful situation or "a life mess." What exactly do I mean by life mess? Like - you are not getting along with your partner or a family member; struggling financially, hate your boss or your work, feeling "stuck".  Are you dealing with a tragedy or a loss, worried about your health or your child's health?
Gratitude is your power tool.
In some situations, it may be your magic wand.  In some, it may take work and time to get you to see and appreciate the lessons.
It is never about denying yourself to experience or feel frustration, sadness, anger or whatever you are experiencing at the time. 
Finding what you are grateful in a moment or situation is about the transition from being a victim of the experience to a victor. It empowers you to make your next choice from a space of clarity and growth.  
And then it becomes your foundation or building block to heal and create results YOU want from a healthier space. 
To you and the alchemy of gratitude 

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