Life gives us gifts and being loved and loving is one of them.... Yet journey to finding love is not an easy one.  My favorite quote comes from Canadian poet of Punjabi decent, Rupi Kaur:




Today we share 2 excerpts from LetSoul blogs with powerful messages tucked in the lines of each story...  Dr. Connor's message "Heal Your Heart" and Katherine's message "It is NOT about US" have influenced me in my own connections.  

Dr. Eddie Connor: 

    You may say, “I’ve been hurt and I don’t know, if I can ever love again.” Yes we’ve been hurt, but we have also hurt others too. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Hurting people, hurt people.” There is much truth and pain, in the simplicity of the statement. Simply because, if the hurt within has not been healed, it will flow through one’s life and afflict others. On the contrary, healed people, heal people and loving people, love other people. What flows through you is a direct reflection of what is in you.

For full story:

Katherine's story: 

  "We live in a world where each relationship as it starts and perhaps passes, gets dissected into ‘what I learned’ and ‘what I would have done different’ and even the mysterious ‘why did it even happen?’…

But what if some relationships are not about US at all… Not about our needs or our lessons or even our lives… What if some relationships we have are for the OTHER person…a mirror for the other to look at THEIR life…"

For full story:

Celebrate love, and celebrate even the relationships which did not work out, as even those carried a gift.

To Your Life with Love and Gratitude,

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