Our struggles Our hidden gifts.....

It is well known ~  positive psychology places emphasis on being grateful for all "good" in our lives.   I though challenge us to view our struggles as hidden gifts.  This one took me a bit of time to understand and accept.   It was only recently, while sipping on my morning coffee,  I had a big AHA in getting it.  
See initially when faced with challenge, whether it is a difficult work situation, health crisis or parenting a teen, we may simply go into flight or fight defense mode.  We may search for ways to accuse and become distant, wrapped in the emotion of anger, frustration, fear and blame.  Some may even view themselves as victims.
Yet...if we are open to look a tiny bit deeper, only a tiny bit ... we may see "pots of gold" within those experience.  
Recent morning reflection made me realize the enormous amount of growth I have experienced when faced with hardships.  Walking through, facing it and experiencing "hero-zero" hi-lows in any situation, was nothing short of proper set of push-ups for my mindset muscle.  The questions which circulate in my mind now when faced with a difficulty is "what is it I am not seeing here yet?  What is the lesson? "  The lessons are frequently different... the latest one was "is this worth your time, energy and conscious effort?"  One other powerful discover is "who is really in the way?  Is it the other individual or you?"  And that lesson is a game changer for sure.  Once you are willing to see, and be open to possibility of being a powerful choice maker no matter what circumstances may be... life shifts. 
Being able to face blame, fear and frustration simply makes us build courage slowly over time.  No it is not an overnight success, it takes many self-talks to trust, have faith in positive outcome, writing out moments of gratitude, and simply quieting mind and listening.
Therefore, I ask you today: Have you ever thought to express gratitude for your challenges?  I hope you did and do..as those situations, people and circumstances were custom designed for you ...to help you.
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