Why me? Why me Again?

I woke up Thursday morning with questions "Why Me?  Why Me Again?"  It was a reflection on a painful circumstance I found myself in, when only 11 months ago I was going through something similar.   And of course, with my introspective nature, these questions played in my head the entire day. Parent lacrosse meeting scheduled the same evening was the last place I ever imagined getting my questions answered.  

The auditorium was filled with lacrosse and baseball players and parents.  My expectation of getting quick run down of the sport and events logistics with timely dismissal was quickly shattered as the main coach announced there would be a speaker presentation by Taylor Timko - Captain of the University of Michigan Soccer Team.  

I did not know anything about Taylor prior to the meeting.   Taylor, not only excellent at soccer, also played as a kicker on the football team in high school.  Now she is one of the lead soccer players for Uof M, while getting her degree in biology with vision of becoming holistic medicine physician.  

The focus of presentation was not centered on her accomplishments as a successful athlete ~ it rather focused on the value of self-discovery of who you really are ~ without jersey, trophies or stats?  Where do you find the worth as a person, especially when things are not going well in life. 

She gave an insight of self-discovery during times when it seems like life is "bringing us down."  Taylor sustained knee injury which required her to go through extensive rehab and not being able to play soccer for a period of time.  She provided insight into rehab,  and what is took to build the strength and flexibility from not being able to walk to running the track.  It was during the time of recovery where Taylor was challenged with questions of self worth.  

Once gone through one recovery, she sustained 2nd knee injury.   She found herself facing the questions "Why me?  Why me again? Why am I going through this the 2nd time?" 

I held my breath in disbelief... Pondering this question all day today due to my life circumstances..  the answer coming from 22 year old soccer player during lacrosse parent meet was something I never ever expected.   

And what she said was exactly the answer I need to hear ...

"2nd time is where all the lessons learned the first time get solidified."   

She proceeded to say "once you find yourself in something else than sports, you will play 10 times better."   

I knew I was in the right place, right time and surrounded by right people when she closed her presentation on the value of gratefulness for life challenges.  

Still in the owe of the entire experience I am reminded... yes, when going through something 2nd time it is all about solidifying the lessons learned 1st time around.  Finding yourself and your passion outside external identity factors (jersey, trophy, stats) is of essence.  And being you is a true success.  

I also stand knowing there is a deeper purpose for all of us... Thank you Taylor for sharing your wisdom. 

Click on this video to find out more about Taylor's return from injury and new perspective: 







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