Tulip patterned bread


"No One is sent by accident to anyone"   Marianne Williamson.  

We encounter all types of people in our lifetime.  Some of them are sent to us to deliver painful lessons and it may  feel  agonizing to have them in our life.  However there is a purpose to this experience  which is ultimately to make you stronger.   And yes  I know it is hard to see the strength unfold as you are walking through the pain, however at some point you will  clearly see courage and confidence blossom and readiness to face "what is next.."

 And then there are people who show up to show us love, kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, spirit, joy ... And of course there is no accident how they show up in our life either.  

 It was March 25th  when the Facebook post of "tulip patterned bread"  caught my eye.  Every single detail looked beautiful and people were commenting on how delicious it was.  And it is always like that... 

 Please meet my friend Aniko - the creator of "tulip patterned bread" . 

See Aniko, will always take a notice of what you like and make sure to surprise you with one or few of her "artistic" culinary creations.  She will put her heart and soul for you to enjoy whatever she prepared... and it does not matter if you are a few years old or many years young... her love is delivered through selfless care and desire to make you feel special.  And it is not only the  mouth watering delicious food she prepares.. it is the attention to the detail on how this is presented to you... there will be a heart, flower, candle or a note accompanying her generous gifts...

 Her culinary skills are only one of the ways she lets you know you matter... She will be there if you are in any kind of trouble or simply to help you make any event in your life ... "special.."  If you happen to be struck by challenging circumstances... she is there by your side, comforting and nurturing.  Fully present during happy or not so happy times.  Time spent with her is finely crafted with heart warming dialogue, jokes and ideas... on how to make this world a touch better place....

 The photo of tulip patterned bread reaffirmed what I knew for a long time ...

 "CLEARLY there is an artist, SOUL-ARTIST amongst us..."


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I agree with every word! Thank you Goranka for sharing Aniko’s special soul with the world. She is THE most AMAZING person I know (and I don’t even eat bread… anymore. My husband who is also gluten free said at the tulip bread party, this is the bread I won’t eat… without butter!! 🤣).


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