Time is Now

Time is Now

I love new beginnings.   January 1st every year makes it  perfect time for mindful reflection and setting intentions of what your desires are.  Whether you are aware or not, you can create and manifest your desires and your personal and business life and it all starts with quiet space and clear mind. 

My wish for you is to have mindful, connected and abundant 2018.  I leave you with a few highlights of my own lessons learned in 2017 and look forward being on this journey  with you in 2018. ​​

​​Dear 2017,
You were a perfect blend of painful and powerful … and 🥂to the lessons learned
1. Harassment is real, however wild hearts can’t be broken (PINK)
2. Parenting teens is humbling, forgive yourself.
3. When faced with challenges, you RISE UP 
4. Love your family and friends, truly love them - when they leave, it is not the same without them 
5. Your true friends always show up … 
6. Your children are wealth of resources memes and music shared added extra touch to 2017.  Fell in love with  DJ Khaled and his album "Grateful"  
7. Rebels 🏀 have already WON!!!- doing the right thing despite circumstances is already the victory
8. We all have 24 hours in a day - YOU GET TO CARVE OUT TIME for what matters to you. 
9. Surround yourself with SHEROS. 
10. Levi’s Circle. Let’s Live how we dance - my favorite commercial in 2017.
11. Follow your dreams, they are yours, own them and make them reality. LetSoul launched its first live event and even more great stuff is to come.
12. It is never too late - just met a lady age 77 who started business at age 72. My holidays were spent watching Serbian show with my Dad “Nikad Nije Kasno” (It is never too late) where people in their 40ies, 50ies, 60ies, 70ies, 80iesss - get up on the stage to complete their dream of being a music star.
So I leave you with YOUR TIME IS NOW.
2017 was nothing short of Perfect Symphony and 🥂 to us as we embrace 2018
Love you with all my heart 
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