Time for Dad

It is time to celebrate all the amazing fathers or father figures out there... for all the small and big actions of love, care and support.   Party up on all those moments which made you grow, learn and simply become a better person.    

In my discussion on how to bring gratitude to children... a few things stand out... gratitude shows up when we carve out time and set intention to expand our child's view of the world.  So this Father's Day is the great opportunity to take time and thank your Dad for being your guide and holding you safe while learning how to navigate this world. 

And perhaps you may have not had a "perfect" Dad to grow up with... and perhaps the relationships is not solid or even existent.   Make it a small act of courage and thank that person for giving you life... even if only silently within you, or noting in a journal.   If courageous enough perhaps send a card.  You may be surprised by how powerful this first step of healing really is.  

To You.  



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