I am calling THE CODE BLUE to your time


Once born you are gifted with the most precious, invisible, finite asset called time.  Not only are you gifted with time, you were also gifted with a magic wand called "CHOICE".  This thing choice is quite POWERFUL and takes practice to learn to use it to the fullest of its ability.  

Time and choice are essential to fulfilling one's own unique purpose in life.  One's own purpose, one's own imprint on the world, one's own destiny..   When the life journey ends, all of our experiences are summoned up in a dash (-)  you know the thing between the year you were born and died.   

Living with gratitude provides clarity to finding your life's purpose.  What frequently gets in the way of embracing and practicing gratitude are the "lack of time" excuses. Those excuses eventually mold into beliefs which hinder our evolvement and growth, steering us away from fulfilling our purpose.

This may sound familiar... 

 "It was not the right time.  We did not have the time.  I would have done it if I just had the time.  It takes time. Who has the time?  Omg.. this will take forever"   

And eventually we become stagnant, complacent victims robbed by these made up excuses and beliefs. 

Let's fast forward, you are stricken with the illness and life-threatening condition. We meet at the hospital bedside.  I see fear in your eyes... your heart is about to give up.  Before we even get to me pushing on your chest, attaching the leads, sending shocks.... what do you see in your dash right now, at this moment? 

Wasted time, regret, pain, disconnection,  shame, unfinished stories, hurt, blame, held grudges, anger, wish I would have, could have... I wish it was different..? The call you never made, the words you never said, trip you you never took,... the love you never gave? 

or perhaps meaning, fulfilled purpose, joy, love, happiness, connection, abundance and gratitude?  For many I am sure it would be blend of both regrets and good stuff.  

The code blue moment is an invitation to your own self reflection on how you invest your time and where are you in this journey.  What is holding you back?   What would your life be if you used  the power of your choice to CARVE out time in your busy life to align yourself in living this life with purpose, passion and gratitude.    And for that you can be certain -  the time is always NOW, not tomorrow, not two days from today, not next week, but NOW.  



Fulfill your destiny NOW.  Start living your life with gratitude NOW.   Make that call to loved one NOW.  Have a heavy hearted dialogue NOW.  Forgive NOW.  Learn to self-love yourself NOW.  Speak the courage NOW.  Learn to meditate NOW.  Seek new knowledge NOW.  Be grateful NOW.  Your time is NOW.  

 To you and the alchemy of gratitude, 


P.S.  And always remember to thank the ones who carve out their time for you for their gift of time.  

















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“Code Blue “ is one of your best.

Sonja saicic

A powerful message for those who make excuses as to why they don’t live their life to their fullest potential. Be proud of what you do so that you can look back and be proud of what you did.


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