The Not So Silent Voice Preventing Your Greatness

The Not So Silent Voice Preventing Your Greatness


I wasn’t born in Peru but here I am sipping a Pisco Sour and typing on my computer. It’s been 20-something odd days since I arrived. Traveling alone has definite challenges. Two weeks ago I was nervously drinking away insecurity; slouched, scavenging the internet for entertainment; while doing everything in my power to avoid what I’m convinced every human avoids thinking about when distracted.

Ever ask yourself the question: “Am I good enough?”
Will someone recognize my value enough to want to be in a relationship with me?
Will I ever deserve to have money flow like buckets of caramel into a funnel?
How can I become so good, so plenty, so enough that all my dreams will come true?
Will I ever?
Can I live a life that’s great?
I’ve asked myself these questions more times than Kanye West has made a fool of himself.
If I were to pick a belief that’s as critical to our lives as blood is to our hearts, I’d say it is…
Let’s get to that in a moment!
I’m in Peru because I work as an Internet Marketer. Currently I’m grateful to be working with clients from all walks of life. I’m learning and practicing PPC marketing, social media advertising, and marketing strategy. I’m living a big part of my dreams. I’m grateful. And I do it all from a laptop!
Up until now, I’ve done a lot of things that rocked my soul to the core with fear, doubt, and adrenaline.
Yet I lived through it.
Living on strangers couches in New York City (and sleeping on trains and lawns if there was no couch.) I went through it; selling door to door to 50 businesses a day in Atlanta; having cops called on me, being threatened, and struggling with the mental battle of total fear. But I lived through it. Not because I’m great, but because we all are great…by choice.
After about two years of living in New York, reading 52 books a year, watching tutorials, and meeting incredible people…luck and preparedness created a world in which I was able to work with clients…from a laptop. You can be anything you want to be.
The parable of the old man and his liberating wisdom:
There was a farmer with only one horse and that horse ran away one day. The neighbors consoled him. He replied, “What makes you think it is so terrible?”
A month later the horse returned with two wild horses. The neighbors cheered for their friends’ good fortune. The farmer said, “What makes you think this is good fortune?”
Sometime later the farmer’s son was thrown off one of the wild horses and became paralyzed. The neighbors were distressed. The farmer said, “What makes you think this is a bad thing?”
War came and every able-bodied man was drafted, but the farmer’s son could not go with his broken leg. The neighbors congratulated the farmer. “What makes you think this is so good?” said the farmer.
I love this story because it covers what I think are two of the most important truths in my life:
I know nothing.
Manjushri: “Viewing freedom as Intrinsic to our being, we discover that our lives are what we make them. When we have knowledge, space grants us unbounded opportunities for growth and time presents us with infinite possibilities for change.”
Manjushri is a sanskrit term of Buddhist origin that means “being with enlightenment.”
Every book I read shows me that there is more knowledge to be had. Every time I kiss, I realize each kiss is captivated by a unique moment with a unique person (hopefully the same one). Each obstacle I encounter is the opportunity to learn something new. Obstacles are unpredictable, your reaction is conscious.
The Hangover of Failure
“Success”- however you define it- is the hangover of failure.
That silent voice that doubts your abilities and throws the burning fear of insecurity on your soul…
Tell it…
Tell it that you know nothing and remember Manjushri. Tell the fear and the inadequacy invented by your own mind that…
No matter the darkness or insecurity…
However empty and alone you might feel…
You’re always good enough.
Even if you don’t understand why life has placed you where you are, you’re good enough.
Doesn’t matter what anyone else says- especially not that silent voice that is directed by your own choice- your consciously chosen commitments.
Whatever the challenge, you’ve got this.
Live and love abundantly.
The theme for the month of January are journeys. The word journey has a different meaning for each one of us. For one it may mean travel and destination, while for me it is the route my own emotional/spiritual GPS takes me to the place of “getting it”. Some call it a light bulb, and Oprah calls it “A-ha” moments. Nonetheless, those are the moments which lead to enlighten and empower…
It was sunny day in Florida almost a year ago… In a hurry to get through with the lunch and leaving a busy restaurant I walked outside….There I was Caught in my Tracks… handsome guy, relaxed, sitting in the shade, sunglasses on, speaking French, then Spanish and back to French… One perfect moment… Had no idea what the dialogue was, the enchanting flow of two most romantic languages was simply mesmerizing..
Amazing, genuine, kind, passionate … That is my friend Juda

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