The Most Powerful Prayer of All ....

The Most Powerful Prayer of All: 

It is with the deepest gratitude we want to thank you for supporting us, cheering us and simply being there with us as we continue to grow and evolve. 

We have embarked on this journey to bring gratitude into your personal and business life ~ powered by the intense desire to make this world a little bit (or a lot) kinder place.  

We could not have done it without YOU ~ loving on our blogs, sharing, showing up to our events, choosing our products and simply liking us. 

At times we have stumbled, paused, re-evaluated, then gently dusted off and with even more passion and vigor continued to bring gratitude awareness to the forefront of our lives and human experience.   

Living with gratitude is like a fuzzy warm scarf on super cold winter day, a hug when you are down, or perhaps a hearty-laugh that simply boosts up energy in yours and other people’s lives.  Simply ~ Gratitude works.  

As Deepak Chopra says "Gratitude opens the door to ... the power, this wisdom, the creativity of the universe.  YOU open the door through gratitude."

With Much Love, 

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