The Key to Positive Input from Oprah &Deepak Chopra

This is the excerpt from Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21 day medication experience to the effect of how we filter good and not so good experiences, and how gratitude is a reflection of the positive input.   Insightful read 

Here is what Oprah says...

"Our bodies are a reflection and a metaphor for our state of mind.  When we alter our mindsets we begin to shift and lift the heaviness and weight from our bodies, and our lives."

Everyday we energetically metabolize our experiences.  Experience actually serves as fuel for every circuit in our bodies.  Often, we overload our systems with negative input, short-circuiting ourselves.  We allow difficult or stressful experiences to build up and ultimately that negative energy drains you.  It dims your light, it takes you out of balance.  I know you've all felt it.  Because that's when your body feels fresher, it feels a sense of hunger and wanting.   Just as we are all responsible for energy that we bring to any situation, we are all each responsible to ourselves for the energy that you allow in.  YOU ARE THE GUARDIAN OF YOUR OWN INTERNAL HARMONY and VIBRANCY.  When you internalize the positive and keep the negative at bay, your good energy gets amplified.  You re-charge every fiber of your being from your body to your soul.  

~ Oprah ~

 Every day you have all kinds of experiences.  But even though you probably aren't aware of it, all these experiences become part of your body.  Just as you metabolize food by extracting its nutrients, your awareness processes every thought, feeling and action into biochemical terms.  A thought can literally be fattening by reinforcing the behavior of overeating. Experiences, as your brain views them, fall into only two categories:  positive input and negative input.  The bad experiences in our lives get metabolized as negative input.  They burden us as long as we are carrying them around.  The good experiences get metabolized as positive input which has the effect of making things lighter and more optimistic.  One input is nourishing and healing, the other is detrimental and toxic.  Nothing is less nourishing than negative experiences.  Negative input in most of our lives builds up as stress, interpersonal conflict, pressure or insecurity at work and poor self image - which includes both, our body image and self esteem.  

Positive input is guided by true self and expresses itself as love, GRATITUDE, compassion, lack of conflict in relationships, peaceful environment, satisfying intimacy and a good self image. In everyone's life, no matter how well things are going there is room to increase positive input.  

You must make the effort to adopt self-care as your default which means you never carelessly allow the negative input to build up.  The greatest problem isn't usually not a gigantic crisis, but the nagging effect of small every day irritants.  Job related pressure, inattention from your partner or spouse, unruly family life, and the like.  This is the soft of input by first paying attention and second by substituting the positive input instead. 




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