Stripping and why is it important NOT to leave the hat on...


The title of this blog may be viewed by some as a bit provoking,  And we are ok with that as it fits perfectly to what we are about to discuss.

The kind of stripping we are talking about is “stripping down” your limiting beliefs.  Unlike Joe Cocker’s lyrics, we are NOT going to leave even the hat on. IT IS ALL COMING OFF in this journey to strip anything in a way of you living a meaningful and an inspired life.

We have already addressed the neuroscience behind gratitude and how it is good for you and your overall well being. We also emphasized that practicing gratitude is NOT NEW knowledge - it is something that has been in existance for thousands of years.  What is new- is the science shining the light to the evidence of its benefits. 

Even though we know it is soooo good for us and gratitude practice makes us better and more conscious humans, very few are actively practicing gratitude.   Not only gratitude is of essence in our personal lives, I believe  it is number one way to begin to resuscitate our stressful work lives.  

So let’s gets started… your limiting beliefs may look like something like this…   

“Who has time for this? I do not. ”

“I don’t really get it, I am thankful… what more is to it?”

“Sounds so pink and fuzzy… I do not really believe in it, it is not for me

… Does this even work?”

“I do not have money to spend on this stuff!!!!”

“Is everyone getting overdosed on gratitude?”

“I do not believe I could stick to it… I tried so many different things and it made no difference”

“Now is not a good time, some other time”

Sounds familiar?  

As we deep dive into each of the above listed beliefs, other beliefs may surface.

Here is one big “A-HA”

The same beliefs we are stripping down related to gratitude and mindset fitness, are often the same ones that hold us back in other areas of our life.

Good stuff.  Take a deep breath.  It gets better.  Here we go a step deeper ->

The common denominator to limiting beliefs we as humans experience is FEAR.  The acronym of FEAR is…



And once you choose to face the fear, it often fades away.

It truly does…

Our next blog will talk about the limiting belief #1 - lack of time.  Thank you for being part of this journey. 

Here is to you and the alchemy of gratitude

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