3 ways to Practice Self-Love starting NOW

3 ways to Practice Self-Love starting NOW



Self-love is all about investing in the best version of YOU.  Investing in your health, mental health, growth, connections, and opportunities.   Self-love embraces gratitude practice. 

We often seek the answers from the outside world, when in reality the answers are all within.  It takes quieting down the outside noise and being fully present to the moment to expand your growth and evolve into the best version of you.  

Life is messy for all of us...whether you struggle with health issues, financial, parenting, finding the right partner, being a caregiver for an elderly parent or someone with a disability, family strife.... whatever it is, often we may find ourselves in the state of overwhelm and feeling lost. It gets lonely and we feel isolated.  

What is the way out?  Simply by loving yourself more... It sounds simple, the challenge is that is not something many of us were taught or encouraged to do.  Often we have to overcome the feeling of guilt and breakthrough the excuses of why we can't put ourselves first.  

The truth is - small consistent steps will lead to big results.  Here are 3 simple steps you can take right now to get yourself out of the rut. 

1.  Carve out time (even 5 minutes) for complete silence - shutting down the outward noise is necessary to focus inward and really shed the light to what is going on.  

2.  Begin gratitude journaling or sending a gratitude note card - some form of gratitude practice is essential to help you shift and focus on all the good at the moment.  Gratitude wipes away the overwhelm and fear... Furthermore, it anchors you to the NOW and helps you fully embrace the present moment.  


3.  Rest.. when operating from brain fatigue your choices actions will most likely not be the best ones to serve you... rest and rest some more.  



Remember all the shift starts from within and manifests outward.   It will be these small SIMPLE steps which ultimately will deliver BIG results by boosting your well-being, perspective and strengthening your relationships.   And you can start this right NOW, right at this moment. 


To you and the alchemy of gratitude 









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