Release, Forgive and Let Go!

Release, Forgive and Let Go!


“Recovering from an abusive relationship is much like processing grief; Release forgive and let go.” DeMetria Hayes
“Forgiveness is the process and action of letting go vengeance, releasing hurt, painful events and negative thoughts.”
Have you ever been in a violent trap of abuse, break free from doubt, guilt, and fear, and forgive?
My testament is; I survived the explicit name calling, scars, bruises, and the sensation of my skin being ripped off my face. I survived nearly twenty-years in a domestic violence relationship. I decided to silence the violence ingrained in me to keep silent. You can break free from the violent trap of physiological and physical abuse. To forgive, live free and whole.
Do not misinterpret a break up as though you’re not enough. Sometimes people aren’t capable of giving us the love we need and deserve, which is their issue and not yours. However, love is a blessing even if it ends painfully, for a broken relationship bears great wisdom.
I order for me to live I had to forgive. Prayer, commitment, and patience birth resilience, perseverance, and endurance. It opens the gateway for God’s word to penetrate our heart, release, heal, comfort and give us the strength to overcome.
Stay in the present. Don’t reminisce about the past or second guess your actions. Stay out of your head. Practice mindfulness techniques like prayer, deep breathing, and meditation. Imagine breathing in strength, hope, energy and out pain, heartache, and sadness. Never choose to give your power away when you can choose to have it for yourself. Conserve your power for those who deserve it, starting with yourself!
I chose me! Choose you!
Your self-worth is worth preserving and well deserved.
Release, Forgive and let Go!

DeMetria Hayes is National Influencer, Author, Actress, Minister and Activist against domestic violence. Hayes inspires and empowers, “self-worth is worth preserving and well deserved.”
Demetria is a published author of “Daffodil A mother’s journey” book which “invites you into a personal journey of a battered women into a vision of hope, courage and resilience.”
I met Demetria few months back at Women’s Empowerment Conference. It was her powerful voice and authentic sharing of her life story which made me reflect into the depth of the impact of the domestic abuse cycle and ponder the questions…
How many times have we made up a story about ourselves after someone does not treat us right? How many times we made it our issue, our pain and subsequently made choices to lead different life than the one that serves us? What is self-worth?
If you are interested in contacting DeMetria to learn more about her work or request her to speak, visit

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