Power of Gratitude - Domino Effect


"That is IT" was the exact thought that ran through my head once I saw this video. Instantly I was drawn to this beautiful domino design all started by a simple push on one domino. The video served as a POWERFUL reminder to what single can of gratitude can create.  

ONE act of gratitude creates positive energy ~ and ONE simple act (just like one single domino)  is so powerful and can influence many, I mean many, many people.  What often gets in the way when making decision  is our desire to see the outcome and its effect instantly.  And if it is not there for us to see immediately, we make up our action was not noticed and it does not matter.  Subsequently, this leads us to way of doing less acts of gratitude. 

We are impatient to the effect of time and lack trust.  Let this video be the visual reminder to trust one act of gratitude done with full heart will crate many more for many more people.  Final masterpiece will be beyond our imagination.   

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