Perfect? No... REAL? Yessssss

My family just left after we spent the entire day together...Andrea Bocelli music in the background and yesss tears in my eyes as writing this holiday message reflecting on all the ups and downs we have experienced... 
No family is perfect and struggle are uniquely REAL....
 at the end that is what makes this life so intricately beautiful.. constant figuring out the best way to love and accept....
This holiday season I wish you and your family,  PEACE, serenity and moments of GRATITUDE for all good and not so good.    Love more, give a HUG, be there more, be the first one to reach out if something needs to be healed,  send a note and DO say "YOU matter", speak COURAGE, face doubt.. 
When together let the conversation reflect on the greatest AHA moments, places you want to visit, the small acts of gratitude received, fears you have overcame and once again 
after all it is only ONE life we have.
Happy Holidays 
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Merry Christmas!

sonja saicic

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