Mindset Monday - The Shift

Mindset Monday - The Shift

This is one of the most powerful concepts to understand... sometimes when we feel we are being helpful are we taking away the opportunity for others to learn and grow... Think about this one.... life changing


I wish I would have been introduced to this concept long time ago.... this one hit home...I still remember the day this came up during the transformational class I was taking.

Being working mom in a health care profession led me to reflect where and how this showed up in my life ...

Are you also the one who feels drained and exhausted by always giving to certain relationships perhaps with your partner, children, colleagues... always the one doing the work.... and most often it may not get noticed or appreciated....

I invite you to think about this and consider stopping what you have been doing. Why? Perhaps it has not brought you the results you hoped for.... Your children are no more appreciative, your partner included... you have not progressed to where you hoped you did professionally.

Let's go even deeper into this ~ not only by giving and doing "all" that needs to be done, you may be taking the opportunities from others ~ you are also taking the opportunity from YOU to rest, replenish, recharge...

Think it ~ It is a mind shift... but a good one...

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Millions of people feel & have done this in some point their lives. Or actually doing this as I’m writing this, I myself am 100% guilty. People misconstrue giving or helping as almost that it’s owed to that significant other, your children, family, & friends without realizing how detrimental it really is NOT only to that person but also for your OWN well being. Giving and taking, the sad part is the more you give the more they take. “Disabling” at its finest.

Sonja Saicic

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