Mindset Monday - It's Too Loud

Mindset Monday - It's Too Loud



Last week the blog centered on getting to know your destination and the importance of clarity on what we want... REALLY DEEPLY in our heart ... the kind of wants that "jolt" us with the energy and instantaneous "OMG... that would be awesome..."

Many of us have been and are stuck on not knowing what is it we are really here for and what is our purpose. As reflected last week, the process of getting to know what we want invites us to eliminate the clutter of daily existence, wrap ourselves in the blanket of stillness and listen. This tool which brings you mental clarity is the process of MEDITATION.

See - my analogy is that living on autopilot or "curse control" is kind of like being in the club or concert, with a lot, a lot of people around you. Lights are flashing, music is loud, you can not hear anything, I mean anything.. and all you are doing is responding to anyone who is trying to tell you something "Sorry.. can't hear you.. It is too loud".

This is similar what our mind experiences on daily basis ... thoughts are racing, to-do lists scrolling, always in the rush to get to the next destination wrapped up in the inner dialogue (that is super loud) with multiple conversations going on at one time, cell phone ringing ... And you simply have NO clear space for YOUR vision or ideas to land on.

I can get all scientific here and spend the next 10 blogs on well documented benefits of meditation... cite multiple studies how meditation increased grey matter concentration in the brain, treats depression and anxiety, helps you with focus, mental strength and resilience.. and we can go ON and ON and ON.

Meditation for me is PRACTICE of quieting down your mind.. which when regularly engaged IN - strengthens the muscle of MINDFULNESS. It dials down the noise and fine tunes your presence to the moment with clarity to connect to what makes your heart quicken. I also think of meditation as a viper on your car... once turned on it makes your windshield squeaky clean.. so you can be clear on your destination.

And again, emphasis is on PRACTICE.. 3 minutes a day to start with and see how your life unfolds...

Rewind... May 2012.. for the first time my family was visiting Mackinac Island.. It was beautiful bright May day with sun basking on our faces while we are taking leisurely walk through the fortress ...At that time my 9 year old son called me. "Mom, come here".. he wanted me to lie down on the grass, close my eyes and enjoy the sun...
I did .. for at least 5 minutes we lied down on the grass and as he held my hand, I knew I was experiencing one of the happiest moments of my life. Simply peaceful and serene, in the nature with my son... brought the memories of many such moments growing up as a child... different continent yet the same experience. Now anytime when feeling overwhelmed, I reflect back on that moment and know ... ALL is well.

Moments, filled with quietness and peace, is what really empowers your mind...

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