Mindset Monday - GPS

Mindset Monday - GPS





March is right around the corner and many of us are looking forward longer, brighter days. And ...we are already two months into 2017… which prompts me to pose a question - how are YOUR New Year’s goals and resolution unfolding? Are you almost half way to reaching your goals… or are you back to your usual way of living - the one I call “on cruise control” and with no destination set in your navigation.

The kind of living, where frustration, bitterness and feelings of being “stuck” creep up as deep down we know we are not accomplishing what we set ourselves up to do. And the next thing you know we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and be thrown right into the frenzy of another holiday season. Then December 31st, we’ll be back to pulling out the notepads and pens with vehement determination to make 2018 the year of the CHANGE.

I know this journey too well. A few months back I was re-setting my Fitbit and realized - I caried the same weight loss goal since 2015. While I made some progress, certainly - I was nowhere near to what I set it to be. And to be clear - the goal I set was reasonable. As I looked over my intake log it hit me … for many days I was not logging in my intake completely and on some days, the intake was not logged in at all …

At that moment crystal clear truth #1 glared at me …. ALL ALL and ALL success in any area of our lives is based on taking small steps DAILY. And those daily steps must be fitted with the shoes of accountability and consistent commitment…Simple as that. There is evolution to the process of achieving our goals and once we put our effort in… the results will show up.

Despite being difficult, I owned what I did and/or did not do which led to the unfolding of the truth #2. I realized the weight loss goal I set apparently did not matter to me as much, otherwise I would have accomplished it already.

So the Truth #2- your “destination” or your vision and goals must resonate close to your heart… really, really close. Many of us do not know and lack clarity of what is it we really want . The process of getting to know what we want invites us to eliminate the “clutter” of daily existence, wrap ourselves in the blanket of stillness, and listen. Simple, yet often not done. What gets in the way brings up the truth #3.

Many times we set up way too many goals to go after. We are energized to make "change" on too many fronts of our lives which eventually leads us into the state of overwhelm, regression and giving up. Truth #3 - stick with 3…. I believe 3 goals in 3 areas of your life is plenty to begin… whether is personal, professional, family, spiritual or whatever else.

So let this Mindset Monday be an invite to YOU to get out your blank sheets, pens and create quite time over the next 7 days …to allow yourself to think of 'destinations” which matter to you and gradually ease into the process of transformation.


P.S. Next Mindset Monday I will be sharing one powerful strategy that works super quick in setting the stage for success on getting clarity and achieving success with your goals.

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