Let’s talk Love

Let’s talk Love

With Valentine's right around the corner, love is in the air. And who does not want more love?

Love as a feeling has been explored since the early existence of the human race. Love feels good, love makes us happy and more often than not it is the source of our good vibes.

We love our partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues, homes, our experiences, visions, our pets, and the list goes on...

But what we struggle the most is how to master "self-love". The concept of self-love is something only a few were parented with, so for many, it is an awareness which is embraced in the later part of one's life journey.  Cultivating self-love and self-compassion are necessary steps for one to evolve into the best version of him/herself. Self-love mandates self-compassion and cannot co-exist with harsh self-criticism and abusive language we use towards ourselves... 
Why is self-love essential? 

From the place of self-love we master healthy boundaries, we value the importance of self-care and honor our needs.   We  simply choose ourselves.  And from there we grow more love and compassion for the world around us.  
Classic lines such as "put your self first", "you are number one" are simple reminders to take time and practice self-care. While it is important to show and give love, remember the best love comes once we value and appreciate ourselves.
Self-love is where it all begins... In our next blog, we will focus on some ways to practice self-love.  If you are the one who aligns with the value and meaning of self love, please comment and share what has made a difference in your life. 

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