If it is to BE, it is up to...

Here it is...
one of the most powerful keys to anything you want to create in your life.
If it is to be, it is up to ME.
Recap.. in the last several blogs we shed a light on the gratitude circuit, tapped into the neuroscience behind gratitude with release of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, lowering your stress hormones and so much more.  We shared multiple research studies with gratitude intervention in different patient population and the outcomes of the studies. 
And it is not only about the new studies and research; gratitude has been studied and written about for centuries by religious teachers and scholars.  Remember the quote by Cicero from 106-43 BC - "Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others."   
The fact this quote has been in existence for thousands of years only confirms what I have believed and known for a long time
"Gratitude is the old knowledge and wisdom with a new day science shining the light to the evidence of its benefits." 
And with all the billboard evidence, being grateful or practicing gratitude is still something very few do or are aware of.  
Lately I have been intrigued by why are we held back, or why are we non-compliant with the practices and things that are good for us? 
What stands out, is that many times we get in our own way are when wanting to step into the inspired living or bring on good changes to our life. 
Let me explain what I mean by "being in your own way."   New way of living requires new way of thinking.  New way of thinking DEMANDS breaking through the ceiling of the old limiting beliefs.   And until those beliefs are shattered and your mind creates new beliefs, which do not limit you or hold you back,  only then you are in the space of creating meaningful and an inspired life. 
And  frankly you may not even be aware you have or are operating with limiting beliefs.  Right?  You may be perfectly content with all in your life and not even be aware of the importance of living this life with gratitude.
But what if you are at this time of your life struggling with the thoughts you should be "way ahead", with more cushion in the bank accounts, closer connections, better job, health, more fulfillment and meaning to what you are doing? 
What if you are the one that goes to bed and deep down before falling asleep your mind whispers there is something more to you, to your life, to what you are here to do? 
What if you are in a dark place in your life, stressed out, overwhelmed, work, family, struggling with loss of a loved one?
What if you are the one with identity crisis and completely isolated in the fear of now being accepted, not being "good enough", being alienated and judged?
Then this is for you...  All I ask of you at this moment is to CHOOSE YOU, to show up and be open to hearing of what else is possible, what else is out there and how living with gratitude can shed the light to the path you choose for yourself. 
Next series of blogs, we will focus on STRIPPING.  Stripping of the old limiting beliefs one by one so we can create clear space for gratitude to show up.
And some of this may be uncomfortable, and you may not like it.  But here is another truth, the magic happens outside of the comfort zone or outside of that box you have been living in for a while.   Stay tuned... 
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