I Love Moments

I Love Moments



I LIMG_3756OVE MOMENTS. Simply stated. While I have not experienced any profound external changes this year (eg. move, new job, etc ) I have experienced profound shift in embracing and being present to as many moments as possible in my life.
The shift started with recognizing there is NO PERSON, NO PLACE OR THING responsible for my happiness. The relief, from removing this expectation from any of my family or friends, new item or travelling to a location with that expectation, was COLOSSAL. While certainly not perfect, I practice and strive to be present to as many moments that show up in my life..
What does that look like for me?
I LOVE watching my boys play basketball. You may as well think they are playing an NBA game the energy I experience. However it is not only their scored baskets, or perfectly done rebounds that jolt my heart; it is the moments when they see their friend shot a perfect basket and they give their friend high 5; it is the moment when one of the players is injured, and they pause, stop and help out.
Happy moments show up as the warm hugs from my co-workers before we start our day…. My child running out to help carry the groceries in ON HIS OWN (without reminders) when hears my car pull into driveway… 2 pieces of my favorite candy left by my friend Alison on my desk before I start my shift…SPONTANOUS I LOVE YOU from my boys, my friends.. A kind word and smile from a stranger… Being covered with a blanket when I fall asleep on the couch by my MOM…. Greeted with many kisses and barks by Cammie (our cockapoo)…Playing the game of WORLD CAPITALS with my son Petar…Laughs POPPING UP out of silliness with my friends… Eye opening dialogue with my new Persian friends in their late 70ies, while sharing their life stories and experiences of living in Kabul…Watching Daniel (my son) do the WORM on the floor 🙂 …. Heart to heart talk with my sister-in-law Kristina…A note card from Carla… Surprise delicious gourmet meal from my beautiful neighbor Aniko… Perfect LYRICS from a song that is played just in the right time…Surprise text from a friend 🙂 Hearing funny saying from a child… heartfelt hugs from my nieces…
Those moments I call the SMILEY FACE stickers for my HEART…
I have also learned to EMBRACE the moments which show up as pain, fear, sadness, rejection, loneliness, criticism, unkind word, insensitivity… While initially it feels painful, unjust or unfair to experience it, I now recognize those moments are the CATALYSTS for only GREATER EXPERIENCES ahead… Now when frustration, pain, and negativity show up, I PAUSE in STILLNESS and let the experience be. No need for cover, no justification, just simply pause, face it and be still. STILLNESS is the space where I remain open to the possibility of ABOVE AND BEYOND what this moment is really TEACHING ME…
So to ALL my friends, followers, readers, Warm CHEERS and wish you many CAPTURED moments to be thankful for!
Many Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving

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