Knock.. Knock... Anger here

Parenting does not come with a manual or an excellent troubleshooting guide that simply and painlessly solves any variances in the parenting process - trust me, we ALL wish it did.

Nope,  nothing like that.  I argue parenting application should clearlly state it is the invitation to one of the most creative projects ever, where self-forgiveness must be incorporated every step of the way.  Where feelings of frustration and transient insanity are simply part of the experience.  

Perhaps you grew up with your mother as a guide ... always there.. emotionally available ... keeping an eye(s)  on you~ making sure you are given the best at any given moment.  Perhaps she was the best cook and best at everything she touched... her hugs and warmth kept you safe and to this day you are grateful she was your Mom.

And some were not blessed with having  connected and loving relationship with either one or both parents.  Some feel abandoned, given up on, betrayed, left alone.. Perhaps your mother may have been a drunk or substance dependent.. volatile, abusive, angry...and you may walk through life wandering how did your end up with mother as such? 

And it is for some the approaching Mother's Day is simply a reminder of deep seeded pain and inner anguish. 

If you are that one, I hear you.  

And this is what I would like to say to you... time is finite in nature.  This pain within you is in the way of your utmost growth and life experience.  While you may have been cruising along in life, this cloud of something missing or feeling less then, is like an overcast and in the way of you experiencing "fullness" of the life's gifts. 

It is for you to simply entertain the content of this blog as healing possibilities with this Mother's Day approaching. 

All healing begins with awareness.   Yes ... simply being aware the relationship is broken, non-existent, attached to old wounds whatever that may be is the first step.  

In pretty much any conflict situation in life... truth is in the not let desire to blame or need to feel right be in the way of YOUR healing.   

Pain and family dysfunction have genetic propensities.. It takes only one to stop the cycle..and that one may be you

If it is you -  let this read be an invitation this Mother's Day to think of 1 and again it may be only ONE thing to be grateful for your mother.  

For some it may be just the pure fact you were given a gift of life.  

For the ones more courageous... writing anything and I mean anything you were grateful for is an invitation to transformation. 

And note, expressing gratitude is not an obsolvence of any perceived wrong done to you, it is simply for you to better your life. 


To You! 



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Speechless is what I am..after reading this… if you are speaking from MY heart. Simply beautiful. Thank you.

Donya Mayel

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