Hello April,

SPRING symbolizes AWAKENING, brightness, uplifting energy and EAGERNESS to do our long overdue "spring cleaning" ..
Dust off the cupboards, rearrange the shelves, discard the items no longer needed, donate the clothes....and perhaps makes it PERFECT time to reflect and choose to whom and where to say "GOODBYE" knowing Hello is around the corner...

"Goodbye" may or may not be literal... it may be a subtle but CONSCIOUS SHIFT to no longer be drained by situations or circumstances of others, or SLAM THE DOOR to what no longer serves us.

"HELLO" shows up as a new possibility and an INVITATION to courage to choose and create... the life desired... Hello means we are "ready" to step in and play up the rules of the game we call LIFE.

However most of us are not patient to wait for "new Hello". We remain robbed by fears of being alone, not good enough, "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" stories.. and whatever else our mind can conjure...and day after day we are playing the same tune

The truth is...

We are the authors of our OWN story... We are the architects of our journey... And IF not NOW, when? Excuses rob us of the power to change and create... and time waits for NO ONE.. Sounds familiar? Title of the famous Rolling Stone song with my favorite line "Hours are Like diamonds, don't let them waste."

Let April be the month where you SPRING clean your life...
You are WORTH IT.

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