Healing Through Fashion

Healing Through Fashion

Ideas and vision are typically born out of "an experience".  And most often it is something painful we go through that places us on a path of powerful shift and leads us to transform our life.  And we are never the same after the experience... one may choose to start a business, pursue life dreams, move away, travel the world totally aware of the value of life.

I met Kacie months after her catastrophic accident.  She was an aspiring champion en route to gymnastics competition who almost lost her life in a terrible car accident.   She sustained catastrophic injuries, was in coma for weeks followed by multiple surgeries and months of recovery from subsequent stroke.   And through all that she persevered and never ever gave up.  

Now a teen who will be graduating from high school she is up to different challenges.  Still strong carrying the greatest smile ever.

The life transforming experience changed her family life as well.   Her mom Claudette started her own fashion line " to take the focus from Kacie's physical elements and towards her overall appearance."     "I think it’s my calling and purpose to help heal people’s minds through fashion; help people to look past the fact that she walk with a limp and have limited use of one of hand....As the new chapter of our life journey began, more and more people perceived Kacie as a Lil Fashionista"

And that is how "Do Not Be Basic" clothing brand was created.  To remind us all no matter what are the circumstances we can always look great and simply not to settle for the "basic" look. 


Here at LetSoul we define the ART of LIVING as Creating Empowering Possibility in the setting of Challenging Circumstances and this story is could not be more in alignment of what our vision of The Art of The Living is... 

I have been privileged to get to know Kacie through my line of work as health professional for almost 5 years... and this date Kacie remains my hero.  

 To learn more about Claudette, Kacie and "Do Not Be Basic" brand - please click on www.Cstylechange.com


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