3 lessons we are bringing into 2019

Wrapping Up 2018 ~ WOW ~ 
It truly feels like a blink of an eye and we are already entering the New Year!   We have so much to be grateful and excited for.... 
Often this is the time of reflection upon many moments experienced and lessons learned.  We are sharing our top 3 lessons (we could have shared more, though these 3 stood out on more than one occasion in 2018)
HERE WE GO.... Drum ROLL...

1.  Be Still - yessssss bring moments of stillness with no distractions in your life... it is during those quiet times where your lessons are delivered to you.
2.  Build your TRIBE -  can not overemphasize the value of a tribe.  People who who have your back and also will hold you accountable when things are not easy and life gets messy.  And LIFE does get messy 
3.  Marianne Williamson quote to this date still proves to be one of the greatest truths:  "You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to BE."  In order to craft different experiences and results in your life you will need to master new way of thinking.  Simply you can not get new results with the old mindset.   New way of thinking is necessary - EASY - NO; necessary YES.   
So these three lessons have been cemented for us in 2018.  What do we do differently as a result?
1.  Carve out "still time" mandatory 
2.  Make time to be connected with the tribe and build our vulnerability muscle to share the messy part of our lives 
3.  Seek mentors and push our own boundaries to elevate our mindset 
With that in mind you may be wondering 
And What is next for LetSoul? 
As we enter 2019 we are excited to share and build on what we already know about gratitude.... 
Our January Blogs will be focused on habits and gratitude.  Why?
Often we start New Year with resolutions which simply wither away as February approaches.  February turns into March, March into April, then spring, summer, fall and back to starting another New Year.  And our resolutions and goals still remain dormant wishes written on the piece of paper 
In January we will be bringing focus on what it takes to truly understand and accomplish your goals ( from scientific perspective) and the power of habit build on foundation of gratitude so we can look forward as our goals are coming to fruition.  
February we will focus on the power of Love and gratitude;  March we will embrace gratitude and the power of feminine, April - we will reflect on power of the masculine.... and more great stuff to come
With that in mind, ALWAYS Big thank you for letting us be part of your journey 
Happy New Year !!!!
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