Gratitude & Appreciation - Simply they make us a better human

How are gratitude and appreciation same or different? After extensive article review this remains one of the most challenging concepts to understand.  While both impact our lives in a positive way, there are still subtle differences.


Gratitude is the state of "being" thankful for people, situation, past and present experiences.  Gratitude itself is built on foundation of mindfulness, authenticity and appreciation.  

Appreciation refers to acknowledging positive qualities in someone or something. Appreciation itself does not require gratitude, though gratitude expression requires appreciation.   Example may be noticing beautiful piece of jewelry or a fancy car.  We may appreciate the design, color etc. however may not feel grateful for it.  

Gratitude and appreciation have an incredible impact on human emotions and functioning.  Both when embraced into personal life or work culture, tend to create "ripple to tidal" effect.  Why?  Simply they make us a better human.  

 Scientifically documented benefits included improved well being, social functioning, cultural performance, emotional resilience, increased creativity and happiness.  

So, what gets in the way of not embracing gratitude and appreciation it in our personal life and work culture?  Lack of awareness being #1 and view of gratitude as "spiritual practice" which may not be aligned with business and corporate culture.

We are here to challenge the old beliefs and simply say  "different results in your life and work will requires new way of thinking. "  

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