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I would have never thought "gratia" would be one of my favorite words ever.  And it is not only the anticipation of Thanksgiving that sparks my awareness of what being grateful really means, it is 3+ years of conscious effort on seeking gratitude in every moment.  Most importantly to stay focused and clear when dealing with challenging circumstances.  

I do not wake up daily infused with gratitude....I wake up with commitment to set at least 3 minutes of time (minimum) to think about what is going well in my life (writing it down is even more beneficial)...  At this time, this is as much of a habit  to me as it is to brush my teeth and  wash my face; habit necessary to declutter my mind and set the stage for the day with foundation of feeling positive. 

And when discord or stress walk into my life... gratitude practice is an anchor to keep me calm and grounded to the lessons showing up.    

Gratitude practice does not mean your life will be dissolved of every day "small things", "stressors", burdens and for sure if does not mean you are 24/7 in the state of zen.  It is not happy juice or "fix" for all.  Not at all... embracing gratitude is simply the first step toward the life that makes you feel "alive",   foundation to your self-discovery and establishment of healthy boundaries. 

Mounting evidence supports the benefits of gratitude for self-being.  And more evidence is emerging to support the benefits of gratitude in business world.  Doing business with a dose of gratitude is definitely worth a try...

Here is the link to an article with some insightful ideas on how to incorporate gratitude in your work life and see the results unfold... All based from U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels aerobatic flight demonstration squadron practices..

Express Gratitude for Where You Are Right Now, and Say It Out Loud



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