Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True

By Mia


Dreams can come true and here is a moment that can prove it. My name is Mia and I am 10. Ever since I was 8, I come home after school and watch The Incredible Dr. Pol on NatGeo Wild TV. I even watched it the entire last summer while staying with my family in Europe.

Dr. Pol is a veterinarian who runs a clinic in Weidman, Michigan. I love animals and my dream is to grow up and be a vet and a dog trainer. Ever since I started watching the show, I wanted to meet Dr. Pol.

Recently my aunt decided to take me, my sister and my cousins on a surprise trip to Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I have never gone on a surprise trip before. Questions were racing through my mind. Where were we? What kind of surprise is this trip hiding? Who was this trip for?

The ride was fun. We listened to music and talked. After a few hours of driving on a highway, we took a turn into side roads of a rural setting. We pulled up in front of the building and there it was - a big sign for Dr. Pol's Vet Clinic. I was so excited and a little nervous as did not expect it. It was right there. A dream come true to meet "The Incredible Dr. Pol", star of National Geographic Wild Channel.

We walked inside the clinic which seemed a lot different than on TV. We waited for Dr. Pol to be done on a patient "Daisy May", a small dog with a hip problem. Then he came in the waiting room to see us. Dr. Pol is a very funny, courageous and smart guy. We talked and then he showed us around the clinic. I could not believe this was happening to me. The show I have been watching every day, I was now able to see where it was made.





Dr. Pol showed where the safety productions manager watches out for the crew. Then he showed us the barn where the crew sleeps and films Dr. Pol on all of the cases. It was so cool. I even got to sit in Dr. Pol's screening chair. We got introduced to his horses imported from Netherlands. We saw Charles, Dr. Pol's son, pull up in the driveway. Me and Chalres took a picture together. Dr. Pol gave me a big hug and told me that his new episode is coming on January 9th, 2016.





Driving away, I thought how much I learned from Dr. Pol. He told us his life lesson is to "Never Give Up". I also learned that when you work with animals, you can also throw a little goofiness into the mix.

I hope you enjoy reading my moment in my life. My message to you is "Dreams come true, if you believe" and this for sure was the best Christmas gift for me.





Dreams are incredible and when they do come true, an utmost ornate experience of living is created. I invite you this holiday season to dream BIG and BOLD ... and make al least ONE step every day toward YOUR grandest vision and YOUR dreams... After, lean back and let life unfold itself...

Meeting Dr. Pol for me was quite an experience as well. Kind, generous, worldly and a great testament to pursuing your dreams and making them reality. Coming from a small farm in Netherlands, his passion has led him to over 20, 000 clients, 500,000 animals taken care of and the show which is nowadays aired in 26 countries world wide...

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