Over the last few years I grew fond of the word “done”. Actually I fell in love with it. Here is why… When used in the context of, “I am done”… particularly when feeling “ad nauseam” with people or circumstances prohibitive to healthier bonds… and YOU once again find yourself in the same hamster wheel facing the SAME old…

Simply … letting it roll off the tongue “I am DONE" … “POP FIZZ CLINK” -it brings you the sparkling sense of clarity and courage to move on and do what needs to be done to create stronger, nurturing connections.

Now I love this word for SOO MANY other reasons… xoxoxo

Mindset Monday March was all about getting to tune in your GPS … using meditation and decluttering to provide you with the insight of what is close to your heart and create alignment of your vision to your desires… and mapping it out …

DONE steps in next…

You can stare at your vision map or board or whatever you have it all day long.. but it will not bring you the results you want by simply gazing at it and … eventually it will turn into another item collecting dust...

So Get it “DONE” just GET IT DONE!!!!

When you get it done... it means you summoned up the COURAGE and WILL to finish one or two or three daily action steps. Now you are that many steps closer to your goals. Done tastes even more DELICIOUS when you get the "stuff"- the stuff you have put off for a long time, the kind of stuff where your face cringes even with the thought of it - and you get it done.

Once you get THAT WORK done - BAM!!! Done is nailed with HIGH and LASTING energy and the feeling “Ok what is next?”

You may even get the feeling of "superpower" when de-tehtered from the spawns of avoidance.

Cheers!!! Let’s get it done :)

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