Coco Fairfields

Coco Fairfields

Coco Fairfields is a charming cozy diner in Berkley.   It was my friend Tom who introduced me to this place with the idea to meet over coffee to learn about each other's business and vision.   The atmosphere of the diner was warm and friendly, with inspiring messages written on the walls and one entire wall covered with different  types of clocks.  I loved it.   
Seated in the comfortable booth, indulging in the avocado toast and warm lemon  water (coffee for Tom)  our conversation was inspiring.  Once again, I was reminded why I love meeting new people... new stories lessons... and courage it takes to leave the comfort zone and pursue "the inner calling".
Somewhere in the midst of our dialogue, Tom paused, and said  "look ... generational gap." I turned around as he pointed to two couples... both seated in the booths across from us by the window...
The first couple was in their late 70ies, perhaps early 80ies... engaged in what appeared to be heartwarming dialogue, smiling, eating their breakfast.
In the booth right next to them was a couple in their late 20ies/early 30ies...  eating their meal while looking in their smart phones; minimal eye contact. 
As we shifted back to our conversation, I was struck by the gravity of the contrast of connection between these two generations... contrast of being present with one another and giving each other the gift of time... and the one of disconnect...
I find myself in the middle of these generations.  I am not a stranger to smart phones, iPad technology or hours long online quest for  "that piece of information".  Next thing "OMG... did not even realize what time it is!"
Glimpse at these two couples was a clear reflection of connect and disconnect.  People show up in our lives to support our growth through the lessons and wisdom shared and exchanged from each other.   The questions that came up for me  - Are the younger generations missing out on this without even knowing?  What will life be like for them?  Where will they seek comfort and support through challenging times?  Are most of their life questions answered through the online search and this 1:1 time is  perhaps "not their thing".   This is the world my children are growing up.  
The cuckoo clock on the wall alerted me to the time for next destination... as we parted, I looked over this cozy place.   It has been forever since I heard cuckoo clock and what a great way to close this enlightening experience.   Dialogue with Tom was inspiring...  once again reminder what matters the most - people and moments.  
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Well spoken. I have wondered upon this dichotomy many times. Wonder how it will all turm out. Thanks for sharing.

Thomas W Tull

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