Box of Moments


Mother's Day is around the corner...  are you thinking how to honor Mom(s) and women in your life?   Are you open to "out of the box" style of gifting with thought and meaning? ... Gifting done LetSoul style ~ where the art of living blends with the art of gifting. 
At LetSoul we believe in moments and each moment being a gift... Today we invite you to create box of moments for your Mom...
Yes, our gift idea is "Box of Moments" 
Our gratitude gift card package has 5 cards where you can capture up to 5 special moments of gratitude for your Mom or a loved one...  thanking her for something she has done for you... lessons learned, her abundant patience, laughs shared and all the support ...just a touch deeper with specific moment captured..
Beautifuly packaged  Box of Moments creates one unforgettable gifting experience... After all, she is worth it! 
What makes cards so much more special... each card can be posted and easily visualized... kept on the desk, easy to frame, put on the fridge... and more importantly placed in a photo album as a keepsake.  
Creating unforgettable gifting experiences is a sure way to bringing gratitude in your life... 
LetS Do It!!! 


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