And What Does Oprah Say?

"Gratitude isn't just a concept we should visit annually over roasted turkey.  It's a mindset that's been SCIENTIFICALLY SHOWN to help nourish body and mind - improving sleep, easing depression, boosting immunity, and lowering stress.  The best news? You can conjure it anywhere, whether you're admiring a sunrise over Angkor Was or a ladybug in your backyard.  No matter the size, shape, or occasion, any bit of thankfulness is guaranteed to do you good." 
The Oprah Magazine
For the last few months we took a deep dive into the science of perfect this issue of "O ~ The Oprah Magazine" reaffirmed our belief into benefits of gratitude.  Furthermore,  it provides examples of the gratitude letters written to "less likely beneficiaries - the impetus decisions, serendipitous events and even ordinary objects that have, as if by some cosmic fluke, conspired to improve your life. "   The below image provides quick reference for all the benefits of regular gratitude practice. 
Next week, we will continue to  dive into gratitude practice and reflect upon some specific questions to consider. 
To you and the alchemy of gratitude, 
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