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It is well known people do not leave their jobs, they leave their managers.  On average 2/3 of people reports they  would leave their jobs due to lack of appreciation.    The statistic from Gallup (2013) estimates that "active disengagement" costs the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion per year.  Whaaaat?   The businesses and corporations are not only suffering the cost of new hires as people leave, but the employee still within the organization are not engaged, productive and contributing.  The major factor identified was related to leadership and management style.   Can we afford this?  And can we really afford what impact this type of work environment have on overall human being. 
The thing about gratitude and appreciation is that is costs nothing, except being role-modeled by conscious leadership.  Being in the leadership position within an organization makes you an influencer of the culture.  Gratitude and appreciation are directly linked to engagement.   Creating employee engagement programs are becoming part of many companies culture, however ultimately it is upon each individual leader to show up, be aware and take a notice of what is working.  Small mindset shifts will lead to massive results...
Do you feel appreciated for what you do?  Do you feel your contribution matters?  Please share what or who has made difference for you in your work life?  What stands out?  
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