Mindset Monday - Formula

Mindset Monday - Formula



The focus of the last few blogs was to create clarity on what you really want...with the idea of WRAPPING up 2017 BIG... super super BIG with a sweet taste of accomplishment and sparkling desire of living the life you deserve...

Let’s be real though... figuring out what we want is a process, not necessarly an easy one, … and meditation, once implemented, almost immediately will help quiet our minds. It works… with regular practice you will slowly notice subtle changes and signs, which will guide you to map out your quest.

Practice of meditation can be significantly potentiated by addition of this practice... and when 2 combined I believe the most powerful formula for clarity is created... What I am talking about is DECLUTTERING.

Here it is:

Meditation + Decluttering = Clarity

SIMPLE - right?

The thought is when we are holding onto many material things and living in a clutter, we have cultivated unhealthy emotional attachments. And my strongest guess is - those attachments are not serving our growth. As long as we are holding onto things and living in the crowded spaces… “new” things and opportunities, people and connections can not come to us. Hence, WE ARE blocking abundance, success and greater connections from coming to OUR life.

Decluttering ... It may be something as simple emptying OUR pockets or purse; cleaning up our car and living space, one corner at a time. More physical space cleared = more possibilities created for great things to show up. Clear space also helps “sharpen” our mind with instanatnoeus sense of feeling good, accomplishment and gratitude.

Now we know - “vision without action is just a dream”, let this blog be a call to ACTION... to you... to declutter, meditate and create your own "La Dolce Vita". One step at a time...

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