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Our Story



My name is Goranka I am the Founder of LetSoul, with a vision to bring happy "😀" to you. How? by bringing gratitude awareness to your personal and business life.
Why gratitude?
For over 20+ years, I have been working in health care and consulting industry as a nurse practitioner. While I say I am a nurse practitioner, reflecting on what I actually do - I am a Fear Fighter.
See, I meet many, many patients and their families at their most vulnerable times. Being hospitalized and facing illness and death is very scary... Through my experiences, I learn about my patients' lives, struggles, stories. I witness first hand how gratitude impacts human lives and their ability to cope during the times of crisis.
I have also seen the impact of gratitude in my own life.
That has led me to questions: 
Why not practice gratitude every day? Do we have to be in crisis to learn to notice and appreciate all good around us?
After all gratitude
boosts one’s well-being,
 makes us happier,
 lessens depression and anxiety;
 helps with sleep,
 improves our social connections,
 productivity and engagement amongst the others.
Gratitude brings us peace.
No matter what your story or life experience is, by increasing the awareness of gratitude practice through real-life stories and by sharing what we know from leading global research in positive psychologyyou have the ability to shift your life and live out the story that quickens your pulse and makes you feel alive.
We have designed … LetSoul Products...We believe life is a gift and gifting is an art. Often I observe how our lives (our stories) get overlooked when it comes to gifting. Frustration and second-guessing complicate selecting that perfect gift for a loved one.  At LetSoul, we are cultivating an exceptional approach to gifting by nurturing gratitude awareness through our product line The simplicity and elegance of a handwritten note that captures gratitude, inspires and speaks to your heart is invaluable in your personal and business life
Or it may be a T-shirt with #gratitude365 as a reminder to the power of daily gratitude practice.
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How do we bring gratitude awareness into your business life? Through
See, many people are not happy at work. The data shows 7 out of 10 are not even engaged. Disengagement and low productivity on epidemic rise. The annual cost of disengagement in the U.S. is in an estimate of $450-550 billion. This data does not include the cost of turn over, work-related stress, and loss of productivity.
Through the program, we equip the leaders to be the influencers of change in their work cultures. We focus on re-humanizing work culture through the use of appreciative methods.
Thank you again for connecting and supporting our mission to bring gratitude awareness to the world around us. l leave you with Zig Ziglar's quote
"Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions"
To you and the alchemy of gratitude,