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Our Story



My name is Goranka I am the Owner and Creator of the LetSoul Product Line.  My favorite Latin phrases are "tabula rasa" or "blank board" and "magnum opus" or magnificent work. Translated.. we awaken each day of our life with a choice to write and create the most magnificent story of our existence.  
At LetSoul our vision is to bring gratitude to your personal and business life.   Living with gratitude is essential to experiencing a meaningful and inspired life. 
No matter what your story or life experience is, by increasing the awareness of gratitude practice through real-world examples and by sharing what we know from leading global research in positive psychology,  we get to “upgrade” your human experience.  Why?  So you get to live out a story that quickens your pulse and makes you feel alive.
We believe life is a gift and gifting is an art.  Often I observe how our lives (our stories) get overlooked when it comes to gifting.  Frustration and second-guessing frequently complicate selecting that perfect gift for a loved one.  
At LetSoul, we are simply cultivating an exceptional approach to gifting by nurturing gratitude awareness through our product line.  The simplicity and elegance of a handwritten note that captures gratitude, inspires and speaks to your heart is invaluable equally in your personal and business life.  Or perhaps it may be a T-shirt with #gratitude365 as a reminder to the power of daily gratitude practice.
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Thank you again for connecting. 
To you and the alchemy of gratitude,